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Build your arcade machine with our ARCADE FURNITURE

If you are one of the children who grew up with the classic recreational machines of the eighties and nineties , now you can have in your living room, your own arcade made with the most colorful wood and vinyl amazing thanks to the arcade furniture of our website.

Customize your own arcade

The furniture is prepared to install both the hardware and the software you prefer to emulate. We have several models and sizes so that you choose the kit that you like the most . All come with the space to install the hardware next to the hole where the monitor is placed, which we recommend being protected with the screen methacrylate. This material gives you protection and will make it more durable. In this way, the arcade will last and be a beautiful heritage.

Bartop kits are manufactured with DM wood or white laminate chipboard with holes measuring 28 and 30 mm (with option to modify them if you prefer), so you can design your own arcade and paste the vinyls of your favorite titles like Pacman or even the original designs of the ghouls’n ghost .

Other options that you can include in your own recreational machine, are the holes to install the speakers and the U-molding for greater visual aesthetics and thus protect the edges of the vinyl. There are also models of bartop kit with pedestal that recall the original arcades of recreational rooms.

The arcade bartop that we have available in stock are the following: Light, premium king and mini . We also have an arcade panel in case you want another way to play your arcade.

Steps to make your recreational machine

After placing your order, you will receive the arcade furniture that you will have to assemble very easily. Remember that we have the assembly videos in the description of each product. Additionally we have vinyl for decorating the bartop that you can buy on the web.

In most kits we offer you technical complements to install the electronic system: 4-socket strips, plugs with power switches, 2.0 speakers with USB power and 3.5mm jack and methacrylates.

Bartop arcade is made of wood, especially in DM and 16mm for its strength and robustness, which will provide great durability over time. Before buying the kit, we recommend that you check the size of the monitor you are going to use for the chosen kit, usually a 19-inch one is ideal

Carpentry and painting

Place the speakers you have chosen, so that they are free outside to enjoy the appropriate volume level. Our speakers are powered through the USB port, so they do not require a power connector.

The models that we have available have built-in holes to place the buttons and the Joystick, as well as the speakers if you choose the corresponding option.

To paint your bartop, we recommend that you apply sealer and then lacquer enamel paint and thus protect the wood and give the furniture a long life.

When receiving the bartop, screw the monitor to the table with 4 threadless screws . We recommend the help of another person to place the screen in the arcade. You can illuminate the marquee with a strip of led lights that you can anchor with a stapler or adhesive and then connect them to the current.

What emulator do you prefer?

There are many options available. You can choose between emulate with a PC or with a Raspberry. Today there are powerful enough devices to emulate from NES to MAME , even Game Cube .


An arcade talks about your personality and your childhood. If you spent hours in the recreation rooms with your friends in the hot fighting tournaments, car races or in a war killing the villain aliens, decorate your arcade machine with quality vinyl that will last a lifetime and with the faces of your heroes like Arthur, Ryu or even Pacman

From vinyls of the Ninja Turtles, Dragon Ball GT, Ghouls and Ghost, Bubble and Bobble, Donkey Kong or Metal Slug . There are for all tastes and classes of gamers, from action, adventure and classics like the immortal Pacman .