Bartop arcade machine box with Bubble Bobble vinyls, speakers and metraquilatos


Fantastic laminated chipboard bartop box.

  • It includes Bubble Bobble vinyls with laminated protection, it has 3 doors for easy access to its interior.
  • The stereo speakers are powered by USB and have a 3.5mm jack plug.
  • The button holes are 28mm.
  • They include metraquilatos for the screen and the upper front.
  • It has a power connector with push button, fuse and a power strip inside the box with 4 plugs.
  • The edges of the box are protected with high quality u-molding.
  • The ideal size for the monitor is 19″ in 16:9 format, although slightly larger monitors can be included.

This bartop cabinet is shipped assembled as shown in the picture.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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