Premium arcade bartop kit V2

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Bartop dimensions: 65cm x 55cm x 43cm (height, width, depth).

Monitor gap: 52x34cm (width and height)

U molding required: 5 meters

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We recommend this monitor: Monitor 21.4″.

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Material *

The bartop kit will be manufactured with the selected material.


Hole size *

Select the size of the holes. If you have any questions, write to us.

Speakers *

U Molding *

U Molding is the edge cover that is applied to the edges of the furniture.



It will allow you to turn the arcade on and off.
It will be connected to the socket and will allow you to connect all the components.
Recess for Eurojoysticks 2
Transparent acrylics for the marquee and screen
Transparent acrylic for the top button panel with its holes.
Transparent acrylic for the lower button panel with its holes.
Hole on each side of the previously selected diameter
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