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Molding for the thicknesses most used in the arcade world

Thanks to molding, you will be able to give your arcade a unique touch since it will allow you to cover the edges of the entire piece of furniture as well as protect the edges of the vinyl.
You will also find a wide variety of colors to match the tone you want and we also have an exclusive pink color.

We have several thicknesses, practically for the most used boards in the sector: 10mm, 16mm and 19mm.

Our molding is of the highest quality and you will notice it

It is made with top quality material that will offer you great flexibility when it comes to placement and a vibrant color tone.

Its placement requires the use of adhesive and we recommend the use of contact glue or pattex brand mounting adhesive. We also recommend not to apply excess glue since when you squeeze it, it will come out of the edges and you will have to clean it before it dries.

The adhesive paper tape will be your great ally when placing it

While you are placing the umolding, you can use small pieces of tape to fix the molding to the furniture while the glue dries. In this way you can place everything continuously without worrying that it will come off.

We recommend the use of this type of tape, especially in areas whose curves are more pronounced to prevent it from rising while it dries little by little.

After a few hours, you’ll be able to peel off the tape and you’re done.